Dan Batten and I worked together for about 18 years, first at Great Plains Software, then at MYOB US. Over that time we were colleagues, supervisors,and employees to one another, so I can evaluate Dan from a variety of perspectives. Dan offers a great combination of work ethic, focus and creativity. He works well in a team environment, leading and supporting others while keeping himself and the team focused, and he is quite capable of working independently with minimal direction. Although Dan is willing to do what’s needed to get a job done, he’s adept at identifying and implementing solutions that will make the job easier and faster; I would certainly look to him for help with troubleshooting, as well. Because of these skills, I asked him to take responsibility for a number of innovation projects over the years. Dan is an excellent communicator with strong writing skills and understanding of his audience’s needs. Finally, Dan is personable, and a great pleasure to work with. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Steve Osvold
Senior User Experience Copywriter at Intralinks


I had the pleasure of managing Dan for almost 2 years. I use the term manage loosely as Dan virtually managed himself – asking for guidance on priority decisions when applicable, but really taking control of the day-to-day responsibilities of his position. His ability to attend multiple daily and weekly meetings with different development and design teams and discern the technical writing needs and priorities was paramount to the success of many projects.

His combination of outgoing confidence and patience made him the perfect choice to direct the additional technical writer that was hired earlier this year. He was also ideally suited to design and conduct end-user training.

I was completely confident that the technical writing needs of Digital Media were well in hand as long as Dan was on the job, allowing me to focus on the other aspects of the integration team. I feel extremely fortunate to have had Dan on the team, and highly recommend him.

Mark Ownby
Vice President of Operations at ACUMEN Corporation


Dan and I worked together at Media General. As a technical writer, he did excellent work, displaying a high degree of technical understanding as well as an ability to multi-task, jumping from one project to another as needed. He had a talent for taking our high-level developer documentation and making it available to a wider non-technical audience. In addition, he showed initiative in staying on top of development projects, before they were organized to include him, so that he could provide the necessary documentation in time with a product’s launch. He was easy to work with, reliable, and competent, and I would recommend him to anyone. 

Kelley Mertig
Python/Flask Developer at Murphy & McGonigle PC


I had the pleasure of working with Dan at Media General for 2 years. Dan is a professional, senior technical writer of the highest caliber, who meticulously researches, formats, edits and proofs his work. Dan was successful in taking our organization from no documentation product and process to one with a high-quality documentation product and streamlined process. Dan is a proven valuable asset to any technical group and I strongly recommend him. 

Shawn Vigneri
Software Engineer Manager


My tenure with Dan at Media General was a great one. I found him helpful and agreeable in all my dealings with him. From a technical writing perspective, I found him not only talented but also proactive. He was able to identify early on where he needed to step into the process. He would routinely make recommendations to the software development process so that the final product delivered to the end user was one that was less technical more user friendly. I especially appreciated his help when I endeavored to create and a Policies and Procedures at DM Media General. I would consider Dan a great asset to any organization.

Joseph Greenawalt
Head of Innovation at Ferguson Enterprises


Dan was an excellent technical writer who willingly accepted any task regardless of size. He gladly shared his experience and wisdom to arrive at the best course of action. He had a gift for prioritizing projects and was able to shift priorities quickly in the face of new information. He was an enthusiastic trainer who was able to explain things at the level needed by the trainee. His smile and positive attitude was a welcome addition to all office functions, formal and informal. I would gladly work with Dan again.

Robert Polickoski
ServiceNOW Developer at Marriott Corporation


I had the pleasure of working with Dan at Great Plains Software for several years. Dan was instrumental in designing the structure and interface of our new online help system, and in documenting our software development language. He worked closely with our software architects and senior developers to shape ground-breaking products and documentation that changed an entire industry. He also took on the responsibility of supervising and mentoring several new technical writers as our team grew rapidly to meet aggressive release deadlines. In addition to his excellent writing and usability design skills, Dan brings his passion for delivering superior customer experiences and creating respectful, collaborative, and highly productive team environments to his work. He can help your company raise the bar in your industry for product/documentation usability and customer satisfaction.

Tracy Faleide
Marketing Lead at WEX Health