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 2002: Finding a purpose in Russia

In February, 2002, I made my first journey to Russia. The main purpose of my trip was to volunteer at an orphanage sponsored by Cross-Cultural Solutions, an American nonprofit organization that provides short-term volunteer opportunities around the globe. I spent most of my time with the orphans in the city of Yaroslavl, about four hours northeast of Moscow, but I also found some time to be a tourist in the capital city itself.

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Cross-Cultural Solutions people and program

Kotorosl Hotel, Yaroslavl

Walking tour of Yaroslavl 1

Elena's orphanage

Orphanage #9

The kids at Elena's orphanage

Valentine's Day at Elena's orphanage

School visit

Museum at Orphanage #9

Walking tour of Yaroslavl 2

Kindergarten visit

Shopping in Russia

More photos