Lake Quinault Rain Forest Bike Ride

Raising funds for local cancer patients

On the web: The site is no longer active, but click here to see a copy of it on my site. (The event now has a much nicer site nowadays, by the way.)

This site is an example of how I can quickly convert a paper brochure into a basic but effective website.

I found a brochure for this charitable ride at a local sports shop one day in 2002. When I discovered that the ride didn't have a website, I contacted the organizers and offered to put together a simple site so they could include the website address in their advertising. They were thrilled!

The site is very basic; the only material I had to work with was the brochure. I scanned the few graphics that were available and organized the information as logically as possible. All told, this site took me about two hours to create. Given more time, I probably would have polished up the images better to give the site a cleaner look, and I would have added an automated entry form so participants could register online.

Services provided: