About danbatten.com Web Design

On this page you will find a sample of the work I've done for my clients. If you'd like to see additional work samples, please let me know.

Web design is not my day job.

Until recently, when I returned to school in the pursuit of a teacher's license, I was a relatively mild-mannered technical writer for nearly 20 years. Writing is my first love, and there's still nothing like enjoying a tasty sentence that I've baked all on my own.

The web designer in me only comes out at night.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to take on the role of part-time webmaster at my former employer. The closet artist in me, mired in dry documentation for all those years, finally found an appealing outlet. I began to understand why programmers always have that bleary look in their eyes: they've got an obsessive desire to create something beautiful out of an ugly programming language. Creating engaging and interesting websites has become a bit of an obsession for me.

danbatten.com Web Design is like night and day.

One thing that I've noticed in my years on the Web is a lack of consistent quality in many websites. There are some beautiful sites out there; it's not hard to find pages that please the eye and stir the senses. There are also plenty of well-written documents and articles on the Web, grabbing visitors with an elegant and effective use of the language. In my exploration of the Web, however, I seldom come across a consistent blend of good content and presentation on the same site. That's what I bring to the table: my extensive professional writing experience nicely complements the clean, stylish and detail-oriented design in the sites that I create.

Full service, at your service.

Getting your own website can be a scary experience if you haven't done it before. You need to trust that everything is going to go well -- even when you don't know what comprises "everything." I've learned that many clients love to have the soup-to-nuts treatment -- including web design, content creation, site hosting and domain name registration -- and then have the process explained to them in simple terms. It's rewarding for me to provide this education along with all my other services, because a knowledgeable client is a confident and happy client.

Have laptop, will travel.

Although I've settled in Richmond, Virginia, my work is anything but local. In addition to regional clients, I have worked with folks in far-flung places such as the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. I'm also very accustomed to long-distance daily communication because I worked as a telecommuter for 10 years. If you're interested in my work, don't worry about the physical distance between us!

Want to chat?

I'd be happy to talk about your web needs -- or, really, about anything that interests you. Please send me an email at dan@danbatten.com.


I appreciate that you took time to read about Dan Batten Web Design. Be well.