My Writing Career

With nearly two decades of experience in the technical writing industry, I have taken part in -- and embraced -- the sweeping changes that have affected the field.

I thoroughly enjoy writing; to me, there's nothing like enjoying a tasty sentence that I've baked all on my own. Technical writing, despite its stereotypes of unwieldy user manuals and dry language, has an elegance and efficiency that captivates me. Making it all the more interesting are the numerous technological breakthroughs that have made writing more accessible and engaging than ever before.

Listed below is my list of formal (published, if you will) writing experiences.


MYOB US, Inc. (1994-2007)
Technical Communications Coordinator

kili I started the technical writing department at MYOB, an accounting software developer, and was a critical player in the company's evolution from printed manuals to XML-based web help systems.
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Self-Employed Freelance Business (1998-present)
Web Designer/Webmaster

kiliThe text on many of the websites that I have developed over the years for my freelance business has been written by me. I often interview my clients and write their web content based upon their responses.
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PC TODAY Magazine (1996-1997)
Contributing Freelance Writer

kiliI wrote a number of short software product reviews on a freelance basis for PC TODAY Magazine. The articles were tailored to a novice computer user audience, which suited my technical writing skills well.
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Management Control Systems (1996)
Contract Technical Writer

kiliThis brief freelance job required that I create printed and online documentation and develop a strategy for the startup company's Internet-based communications. Unfortunately, the business did not take off and my work was never published.


Great Plains Software (1998-1994)
Technical Writing Project Manager

kiliAt Great Plains (now a division of Microsoft), I managed a 12-person division of the Technical Writing Department, helped formulate and implement department policies and processes, and created vast amounts of printed and online documentation.